Chairman Message




Kendriya   Vidyalaya,   Duliajan   as  a  school   is  growing   and   constantly    evolving. Positive  work ethics  and the  pursuit  of excellence  has always  been  the  strength of the school.

Kendriya  Vidyalaya,    Duliajan   has  constantly   stood   out  in  academics   and  co- curricular   activities.   Parivartan,   or  change  is the  keyword  for  the  21 st  century. From  marks  to  grades,   from   real  to  virtual   classrooms,   from   blackboards   to smartboards    -    education    has   acquired    a   completely     new   definition    and dimension.

KV, Duliajan  is one of the  leading  providers  of quality education   in this part of the country. The  school  aims  to give  every student  the very  best  possible  education in  order  to prepare   them  for  life  beyond  school.   It  is  a  'Learning   Community' which encourages     staff,    students,    past   students    and   parents    to   involve themselves   fully  in all  aspects  of school  life and  to  identify  themselves   with  its core values  of Respect,  Responsibility,   Integrity,  Cooperation   and Achievement.


I am  happy  to  share  that  KV  Duliajan  has a very  strong  and  supportive   School Management    Committee   that   ensures   that  the  school   continues   to  excel   in everything.  At the  same  time,  the  vision  of the  school  for  education   extends  far beyond the classroom.  The students  are encouraged  to involve themselves   in the broad  co-curricular    program.   Learning   here  takes   place  in  many  shapes   and forms.  Students  have  the  opportunity   to participate  fully  on the  sporting  field,  on the stage,  in leadership  activities,  Vocational  Education  and Training  courses  and on the Debating  platform.

I am  sure  the  School  Management   Committee   will  leave  no stone  un turned  to provide  a congenial  atmosphere  to nurture the young  minds  to dream  big, aspire, explore and  achieve   the  impossible.   The  aim  is to  see  each  student   of  K V Duliajan develop  their  own potential,  to contribute  to the welfare  of mankind.


Wishing  the School  and students  deserving  success  on all fronts.


(Bedanta Prasad Sarma)

Resident  Chief  Executive  &

Chairman  -  Vidyalaya   Management   Committee